42 Final Thoughts On 2020


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Over the past month, I have been mentally reviewing many different iterations of this end of year message, and how to best convey my thoughts and feelings about the year that just transpired. As the year draws to an end, many opinions about 2020 are being voiced online. Most of these opinions about 2020 have been expressed with a negative undertone. In my perspective, I think 2020, through its challenges, helped demonstrate the resilience of humanity.

No doubt, 2020 was a challenging year. The loss of nearly 15,000 lives in Canada and millions around the world is a tragedy. Families were separated, education systems were disrupted, businesses were shut down and travel was halted. Mental and physical health was affected, causing much stress and anxiety in a population already experiencing burnout.

Despite these challenges however, humanity persevered. Nine months since the initiation of the lockdown, we have not one, but two vaccines approved by Health Canada. These vaccines are using mRNA technology, which itself is a scientific marvel. Education systems pivoted to online learning, allowing a path for continuing education. Families were connected using technology, businesses reorganized to provide safer shopping environments, and somehow we carried on. Life was different, but even under these difficult circumstances we found a way to keep moving forward.

As I write this, I understand we are heading towards another lockdown. But just as with the first lockdown, this wave too shall pass. On the other side, schools will reopen, businesses will reopen, case counts will lessen, and a somewhat normal life will resume once again. Humanity will again pivot, adapting to the challenges like we did in 2020. Only this time, with the experience we gained, and the perseverance we demonstrated, we will do it better. We just need time, time to wait the storm out, time to allow the case counts to dwindle, time for the virus to exhaust itself. In the meantime we wait, and use this time to prepare ourselves for the other side. Whether it is spending time with family, learning a new skill, developing an at-home workout routine or reading more, a better day is waiting just around the corner, we just have to wait out the storm.

I hope these words of optimism help bolster your spirits as you gather around with your loved ones, both in person and virtually, this holiday season. There is much to be grateful for, and much to look forward to in the months and years ahead.

Our hearts are grateful for your cooperation and patience as our healthcare team did its best to navigate care during this pandemic. Your encouragement and trust helped keep us going, and helped us focus on why we are here: to serve the health of our community. It’s a privilege and an honour to be here to help, to help keep you moving forward towards your goals and aspirations. We are here for you!

We look foward seeing you again in 2021, and we wish you and your family a healthy, safe, Covid free 2021!

On behalf of the team:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Dr Malik

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