29 Can Changing Mealtimes Help With Weight Loss?


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A recent CNN article discussed the importance of timing your meals to help achieve better weight loss results. Most people who intermittent fast skip breakfast and instead eat lunch and dinner. However, if you want to shed some pounds you may want to reconsider this routine.

Most clinicians have noted that patients who ate their heaviest meals during the day lost more weight than those who ate later in the evening. Studies now show the reason for this weight change may be due to our circadian rhythm.

The times we choose to eat our meals can affect how our body digests our food. The number of calories our body burns when we digest our food is lower at 8pm than it would be at 8am. This can explain why eating our heavier caloric food during the day might help lead to better weight loss results, as opposed to eating the same food later in the evening.

Eating later in the evening is also associated with consuming unhealthy foods. We tend to eat more sugary, low-nutritious foods during the evening, than we would during the day. These foods not only spike our blood sugar levels, but they also do a poor job at supressing our hunger. If you have a tendency to snack, try consuming more vegetables. For example, instead of a bag of chips, try eating a handful of carrots. You will still get the same crunchy texture, but the low calories and high nutritious value will help you feel full faster.

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