20 Do You Have Zoomitis?


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At first I thought I had made this term up, but after a quick Google search it appears the internet has beaten me to it. The word Zoomitits came across my mind after witnessing an incredible increase in the number of work injuries our clinic has seen during this pandemic. These numbers are unpresented, so much so that it deserves special recognition in our monthly newsletter.

To illustrate why these injuries have increased let’s look at a case study. Edward is your typical office worker, who usually commutes to his full time job in downtown Toronto. At his downtown office, Edward has  a standup desk, adjustable monitor, and a comfortable ergonomic setup.

Edward is quite active, visits the gym regularly each morning before work. He also eats a nutritious diet and has cut down his sugar intake. Then the pandemic happened.

Now Edward has been working from home. Rather than waking up at 6am, he gets up around 9am, and has been skipping his workout routine due to the gym closures. His new stand-up desk is a sitdown sofa, and rather than using a proper ergonomic keyboard he uses his laptop computer. He still eats healthy, but is consuming more calories as he can now see the fridge from his new office. And to top it all off, he is constantly attending Zoom meetings with fellow colleagues, which can occupy over three hours of his workday.

As you can probably see, this new setup is less than ideal. Firstly, all the ergonomic factors he had so diligently arranged at his office and no longer available. His posture is now stooped forward, consisting of a rounded back and a forward head posture as shown in the picture below (see post)


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